Unturned Firearms: The Complete Ranking

Unturned. It’s an open-world zombie survival game with plain graphics and without too much fancy dressing. It’s a game where guns come in very handy, and it’s also a game that has a wide variety of guns. There’s just over 35 guns in this game and several other ranged weapons besides. It’s just a matter of finding a decent weapon and the required ammo + accessories.

So which Unturned guns are the best? That’s what this guide is here to tell you. There are more in-depth weapon guides out there for this game, most notably the Wiki. But this guide will be a one-page quick reference you can bookmark and refer to fast. We will apply everything mostly to single-player, player-vs-zombie scenarios. However, the best gun against zombies is close enough to the best guns against other players too.

First let’s get some edge cases out of the way.

Unturned Ranged Weapons That Aren’t Worth the Bother



Including all the bows plus the crossbow. Unless you’re trying for a challenge, bows lack the firepower you need for P-v-P and the crowd control you need for zombies. Their few advantages, being quiet and easy to craft plus having abundant ammo, are quickly outclassed by almost all firearms.



The home-made rifle you can make from parts. This is ridiculous because you’re likely to have found three guns by the time you get all the supplies you need together to make this model. It’s just too weak to bother with. Points for realism though, because this is about the kind of silly weapon you would expect when you literally made it with duct tape.



Do not be fooled by its appearance! The Sportshot is a “gun” for target practice only, and even then isn’t that accurate. Its damage is so puny that zombies will pick the ammo out of their belly button and throw it back at you. Good only for short-distance tickling.

Rocket Launcher


It’s good at what it does, but doesn’t work as a gun very well. It’s strictly for P-v-P base leveling. Also Legendary rarity.



It’s a railgun good for P-v-P and blowing out vehicles, but completely impractical in regular play. Also Legendary rarity.



This blunderbuss is great if you’re being waylaid by an elephant who managed to sneak up on you on tiptoe. It’s pretty useless the rest of the time. Its range is shorter than a beanbag toss, it has the accuracy of a paint spray-can, and while it is deadly up close, “up close” is not where you want to be when you have just 2 shots before you need to reload.

Paintball Gun


Despite the name, this does no damage to speak of. Its main usefulness is in P-v-P recreation. However, it is useful for baiting one zombie out of a crowd; hit zombies turn to chase you while others weren’t alerted because it’s so quiet. This is a cute trick if you’re into melee combat or trap strategy.

For the rest of these, we’ll be sorting by rarity from Uncommon to Legendary. We are taking availability of both firearm and ammo into account. If a gun is so rare that it’s precious, it had better be worth the effort of tracking down.

We will also include the item ID# for each firearm, so you can turn on cheats in single-player and quickly access the gun in-game for testing and practice.

Uncommon Unturned Guns

Ace (ID 107)


The only revolver in the game, it’s a limited six-shooter which is widely available with common ammo. It’s decent for basic close combat when you’re raiding a building at night and have surprised a squatter, but you’ll quickly get overwhelmed in a crowd. Bring it to your shoot-out at high noon at the O.K. Corral, pilgrim!

1911 AKA “Colt” (ID 97)


Dirt-common with plenty of ammo available, this is nevertheless a poor choice because the damage is just too weak. It’s mediocre at everything. While you might as well use it in a pinch, you really don’t want to be in that pinch.

Hawkhound (ID 109)


A solid all-around rifle. Not the greatest at anything, but it has decent range and accuracy for sniping, especially if you find the scope upgrade. Easy to find at farms and campgrounds, and takes basic ammo. Its 8 round capacity is just enough to fight back an ambush if you’re aiming carefully.

Kryzkarek (ID 1039)


Best Uncommon! – It’s accurate, durable, and dishes out a nice serving of damage to eager customers. It’s findable on most maps if you think like a ranger. Its 12-bullet clip is generous for a handgun, making it a good sidearm when you’re in a tight corner. Don’t try to conquer a whole military base with it, but in civvy locations it’s surprising how far you can get with a Kryzkarek.

Schofield (ID 101)


Meh, it’s OK for early-game sniping, but it will leave you wanting more otherwise. If you take a Hawkhound and give it 3 shots fewer capacity with worse close-range performance, you’ve got a Schofield.

Rare Unturned Guns

Avenger (ID 1021)


Sadly a military-only pistol, the Avenger’s glowing sights and high accuracy and power at range make it surprisingly good at sniping. It looses punch up close, but is still decent. The 13-round magazines are nothing to write home about. By the time you find this, you’ve found better Rare pistols.

Bluntforce (ID 112)


Finally, a decent shotgun! The Bluntforce is a common police-grade pumper which takes a generous 8 rounds. Up close, it can stop a charging rhino. At midrange, it still wins an argument. At distance… say, why don’t you just get closer? The Bluntforce will get you out of many a jam you didn’t think you could get out of.

Bulldog (ID 1369)


This should be called “the politician,” because it makes a lot of noise without getting much done. As the lowest-ranked carbide in the game, the Bulldog will eat through 45 rounds in a second while hardly troubling anyone. You might as well have taken those 45 rounds in your hand, thrown them up in the air, and hoped for the best. Only then you wouldn’t have been so noisy that you attracted every zombie for miles.

Calling Card (ID 1379)


It’s a pity that this is a ranger weapon which is hard to dig up (basically care packages if you’re outside of Russia), but it’s nevertheless listed as only “rare.” The Calling Card has great crowd control, with a generous 71 rounds and great short-range punch. It’s even OK at a distance if you correct for the recoil. It handles like a carbide while hitting like a rifle. And yet you’ll almost never see it unless you’re rousting Russian mafia. What a tease!

Cobra (ID 99)


A ridiculous weapon, this is a police-grade machine pistol. The only sensible way to use it is in short bursts, because it will crap through its 20-round magazine in a second. Find the 40-round box and you’re looking better, but still not pretty. The Cobra has silly recoil and lousy accuracy, making it useless at range. Who makes a gun like this? Unfortunately it’s dirt-common to find, so you’ll be stuck with a Cobra more often than you’d like.

Eaglefire (ID 4)


While it’s not the hottest assault rifle in the game, it’s easy to find in civvy locations, takes common ammo in a broad range of magazines, and is decent at everything without being outstanding. It packs a punch and has low recoil with sharpshooter-class accuracy. The Eaglefire is a trusty companion which will see you through until a better gun comes along.

Peacemaker (ID 1024)


If you raided a military installation and all you have to show for it is a Peacemaker, you’re having lousy luck. This is another machine gun best handled in small bursts. It’s decent at medium to close range, but its cruddy damage and random accuracy mean you will eat through that 50-round clip after only a few kills no matter what you do.

Sabertooth (ID 1018)


A mediocre semi rifle which will get you by, but you’ll be looking for an upgrade before long. Its chief saving grace is its great range and accuracy for long-distance brain surgery. It packs a punch at medium range, but it’s lousy in a crowd. At 10 rounds, it’s an expert at needing a reload right when you thought you had a shot left.

Scalar (ID 1447)


Just what we needed, a carbide with plenty of upgrade capacity to waste on a 30-round recoiling paint-sprayer. Only available from care packages, which you may want to send back. Its sole outstanding feature is its high damage should one of your bullets actually follow your suggested trajectory.

Snayperskya (ID 129)


As a ranger-class “sharpshooter” rifle, this is disappointing. It’s terrible at short range, decent at sniper distances, but at only 7 rounds you’d better be sure of your aim. At least you can find this one on some maps. Its sole saving grace is high damage, making for the occasional miraculous shot when you thought you were done for.

Teklowvka (ID 1360)


Yet another “rare” gun which is only found in care packages except for Russia, which has a serious thing for mediocre guns that are still hard to find. While it’s a pistol with a 15-round clip, it’s terrible in the departments of accuracy, recoil, damage, and range.

Viper (ID 1027)


Common to find and taking the most plentiful kind of ammo, the Viper is a decent police-grade submachine gun which, compared to other choices at this rank, makes it a godsend. It will eat through its 25 rounds unless you fire in short bursts, but it’s got some decent power and manageable recoil for a change.

Vonya (ID 1366)


Since you’ll barely see this in a lifetime without playing Russia, it’s almost a waste of time to mention that it excels at close-range one-shot kills. It’s a shotgun that takes 7 rounds, making it comparable to the Bluntforce but just barely better.

Yuri (ID 1041)


Best Rare! – Last but not least, the Yuri saves the Rare firearm category from complete tragedy. It spawns at police and ranger locations on most maps, taking ammo that is also findable. Now for the hot news: At a 64-round clip, this is the most common of the “one man army” guns. It’s a sub-machine short-burst slaughterhouse that’s great in crowds, yet still has some ranged accuracy and packs a punch in between. It’s no long-distance sharpshooter, but outside of that, it’s a trusty tool of mass carnage at your hip.

Epic Unturned Guns

Augewehr (ID 1362)


Only found at military locations on some maps, the Augewehr is that rare instance of a versatile Unturned gun. It takes all kinds of attachments, deals good damage at good range and accuracy, can pack up to 75 rounds with the drum attachment, and for once actually sends the rounds where you told them to go. It’s worth taking out a mega zombie at a Russian or German military location to score one. Sort of.

Backlash (ID 3520)


Look, it’s only available in the Greece map, and it won’t even spawn with a cheat code on other maps. This is more of a myth than gun. It’s a shotgun that takes 8 12-gauge shells and, we imagine, splatters anybody who gets close to it. Of course, it will merely annoy anybody standing out of its tiny range, like most shotguns in this game. This one might not even be implemented in the game at this point.

Desert Falcon (ID 488)


The handgun for the classy elite! It only packs 7 rounds, but those are long-distance, high-caliber rounds which will rearrange the thoughts of anyone you can draw a bead on. Raid from most military locations and keep it on hand for those shots you make with a martini in the other hand.

Dragonfang (ID 488)


Best Epic! – When you raid a military base, this is the kind of loot you should keep an eye out for. This is a versatile all-around light machine gun which may not have the best long-range accuracy, but will blend anybody who gets close to you into chunky salsa. But it’s the 150-round specialized ammo box that makes you a one-man army. Now for the downsides: It’s hard to find that ammo box, and it’s also not that quick on the trigger. Nevertheless, you are guaranteed to shoot your way out of that military base once you got in and found it.

Fusilaut (ID 1375)


A close second Best Epic – This is a ranger/military-class weapon which takes accessible ammo in drums of up to 75 rounds. It’s decent all around for long and close range, with auto and burst fire options. It isn’t too hard to control, and has decent aim with rock-steady sniping capabilities once you upgrade a better sight. However, the best feature is that this gun has the highest damage-per-second stat out of any gun in the game. With a large enough ammo supply, you will mow down mobs of zombies like so many dandelions. At distance, it’s a head-shot kill every time. You’re got problems, Mr. Fusilaut solves them.

Heartbreaker (ID 1037)


This one would be ranked higher were we not awash in good assault weapons at the Epic rank already. As it is, this gun is decent at everything but not excellent. It’s a military weapon that’s only on half the maps to begin with. It takes a variety of magazines only up to 20 rounds, making for the final mark of mediocrity. You’ll find better guns in the same places, even if they’re not named after Led Zeppelin songs.

Maplestrike (ID 363)


Another solid weapon with many stats to recommend it, but only found by default on a couple maps and the rest in care packages. While it has great range and takes a decent array of magazines allowing up to 100 rounds, its rarity guarantees you won’t be thinking of it often and its uncontrollable recoil will make you not feel so lucky if you do find it.

Nightraider (ID 1377)


I’m trying not to say “like gun X, but Y” in this guide but… another military assault rifle which is only found on a few maps, takes various magazines, and is decently capable. The rounds are limited to 20, strike one, and it has shaky recoil, strike two. The pros are that it comes with a nice default sight – not that it will help much when the gun is jumping around like a bunny on meth – and is great at crowd control. Long-distance surgical strikes are out, spraying away a charging mob is in.

Nykorev (ID 126)


The third-best Best Epic – At 200 rounds and located at ranger digs on every map, you will encounter the Nykorev often and usually be glad you did. While it’s no sniper’s dream, it is a light machine gun that excels at crowd control. There are some downsides, such as lazy accuracy, some recoil, and making deafening noise. But the bountiful ammo clip means that you will negotiate out of many a tight corner shooting from the hip.

Zubeknakov (ID 122)


Yet another ranger-class assault rifle, it’s a good thing that its clip takes up to 75 rounds, because its rate of fire is so fast that it will fart that away on two kills if you’re not careful. With high recoil, lousy accuracy, and unimpressive damage, the most remarkable thing about the Zubeknakov is that it’s at Epic rarity.

Legendary Unturned Guns

Ekho (ID 1382)


Most of the Legendary rarity guns are so hyper-specialized that they barely make sense to carry around. The Ekho is there just in case you’re on your way to assassinate an important political figure. It’s long range and amazingly accurate, but quickly becomes worthless if your target is doing anything special like walking towards you. So rare that you’ll never find it, so forget it.

Grizzly (ID 297)


This is like the more powerful companion to the Ekho. You use the grizzly to take out an entire motorcade, since its rounds can blow up a vehicle in a couple pops. It only packs 5 rounds, but no worries, because you are a very good shot, right? With good range and high damage, it will lead to some memorable shots, but is no good at medium or close range.

Hell’s Fury (ID 1364)


Best Legendary! – Sadly only found in care packages, but it is one good reason to loot those. The Hell’s Fury is unique in being a full rotary minigun which actually takes some time to spin up. However, once it gets going, it dishes out 250 rounds with insane damage and power. Nobody is getting in your way with a Hell’s Fury at hand. It doesn’t do too well at distance, but it’s made more for no-knock raids anyway. One does not bring a Hell’s Fury to a casual quarrel, but to matters where you wish to make it known that you mean business.

Honeybadger (ID 116)


This one’s a mixed bag. You can actually find it at some military outposts and it does equip magazines with up to 100 rounds. It’s basically a mini-assault rifle. It’s fast, deals out crippling damage, and miraculously does this at manageable recoil. On the downside, it’s frustratingly inaccurate, noisy as hell even to equip, and has a surprisingly short range. It’s still a solid sidearm for the day to day, but just feels like a beta design.

Matamorez (ID 1000)


Great range, great damage, and can actually be found at ranger-type locations on most maps. What’s not to like? Well, plenty. It takes ammo that is even harder to come by, fires at the slow end of the curve, and spawns so rarely that you’ll wonder if we’re pulling your leg. To top it off, the magazine only takes 17 rounds at a time, at the bottom end for ammo capacity in the assault rifle class.

Timberwolf (ID 18)


Tough to find and not even available on some maps. This is nothing more than a well-honed military grade sniper rifle. Like many a long-shot weapon, the Timberwolf will head-shot anything you can spot, but will cease being useful against anything close enough to spot you back.

Final Notes

For a free game, Unturned is an underrated indie effort! It combines the blocky aesthetic of Minecraft and the low hardware specs of same, with lots of fun game time and replayability. When it comes to guns, the best gun is more of a matter of preference, depending on your play style, what maps you like to play, and your chosen skill level. More frequently, you will find yourself toting 2 or 3 guns around; one for quiet sniping, a handgun for quick up-close situations, and a bullet-spewing machine for fighting down mobs.

Remember that your skill point upgrades will affect your firearm accuracy and killing power. We didn’t see fit to include every trivial stat about each gun here. Visit the Wiki for full details. Instead, this is a one-page quick reference for a vote on whether to keep a gun you found or scrap it, or a recommendation for guns to go find. Happy gaming out there!

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